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Dance the night with Atmostfair & Friends

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We like to set things with the heart, soul and gratitude. We approach each day beginning in silence and slowly let the day come into focus. Reflecting on all that, we are grateful, letting the sounds of the world to grow gradually. We don't like too much noise, chaos and we certainly don't play commercial music. We like to set the tone, think about what we are doing, with our souls and going to accomplish and honor the simplicity of the gift of the day ahead of us. The best part is that you can choose the direction in advance as well as you can also choose the moment when our music say hello to your heart. Feel the energy surrounding you and decide how you are going to design the journey in life and in music.

We play Music, we share pleasure, we stimulate the younger generation, we dance, and entertain special people with particular tastes, and all this in a very unique... Atmostfair" 22.04.2017

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